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Substance abuse is a problem which poses a serious threat to the community in Taos, NM. Treatment for those impacted by drug addiction or alcohollism is now available at Drug Rehabs in Taos. Drug Rehab Facilities in Taos have had great success in assisting those seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction for individuals who want and need to change.

Drug use in homes, schools and even in the workplace in Taos is becoming all too common. Drugs change the user's priorities, and someone using drugs will chose drugs over their health and family. A drug addicts' activities revolve around getting high, and someone addicted to drugs will do whatever they have to do to achieve this. Drug and alcohol addiction leaves very little time for anything productive or positive. Attempting to quit "cold turkey" often results in relapse due to withdrawal symptoms. The onset of physical "Withdrawal" begins very shortly after drugor alcohol cessation, due to a physical dependence that the user has developed to the substance. An individual can be assisted through withdrawal as part of their treatment at a Taos Drug Rehab Program. Staff will get the individual through a supervised drug detoxification process and successfully on the road to recovery.

The staff at Drug Treatment Facilities in Taos, NM. are able to give appropriate care and guidance to individuals who have decided to get their lives on the straight and narrow. The individual can be in an environment that is most suitable for treatment and will be able to focus on a full recovery from their addiction. The person can be availed of life tools which will assist them in resolving their dependence to drugs or alcohol. They can begin setting new goals and rebuilding important relationships.

If you have decided to seek treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, for yourself or someone you care about, reach out today to a Taos, New Mexico Drug Rehabilitation Program and speak with one of the staff today.

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  • New Mexico Facts
  • An estimated 87,000 of the binge alcohol users in New Mexico over an one month period were between the ages of 18-25 years old (Annual Averages Based on 2002 and 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health).
  • In New Mexico it was estimated on a survey-weighted hierarchical Bayes estimation approach that the total number of illicit drug users other than marijuana users in an one month period was 69,000. For this estimation illicit drugs include cocaine (including crack), heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants, or any prescription-type psychotherapeutic used non-medically (Annual Averages Based on 2002 and 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health).
  • 3.1% of the drug rehab admissions in New Mexico were related to cocaine abuse in 2006.
  • In the state of New Mexico during 2006, 6.4 of the drug rehab admissions were related to heroin abuse.
  • Taos, NM. Statistics
  • The population of Taos is 10465 with 4,988 Males and 5,477 Females.

    The population of Taos, New Mexico breaks down into the following age groups:

    Under Age 5: 583
    Age 5-9: 651
    Age 10-14: 788
    Age 15-19: 756
    Age 20-24: 478
    Age 25-34: 1,180
    Age 35-44: 1,686
    Age 45-54: 1,782
    Age 55-59: 606
    Age 60-64: 522
    Age 65-74: 740
    Age 75-84: 478
    Over 85: 215

    The Median age in Taos, New Mexico is 39.7

    Taos Summary
    Taos Area - 230.88999938965 Sq. Miles
    Land - 230.85000610352 Sq. Miles
    Water - 0.04 Sq. Miles

    The population Density in Taos is 45.33 People per Sq. Mile
    Elevation of Taos - 6983 Feet
    Timezone - Mountain (GMT -7)

    Taos School Enrollment Breakdown
    Age 3 and Over enrolled in Taos schools - 2,635
    Taos children enrolled in Nursery or Preschool - 180
    Children in Taos enrolled in Kindergarten - 91
    Taos children enrolled in Elementary School - 1,171
    Taos Highschool Enrollment - 697
    Taos College Enrollment - 496

    Taos Economy and Employment
    Employment Breakdown:
    16 years and over - 5,298
    Total Males in Work Force in Taos - 2,704
    Total Females in Work Force in Taos - 2,594

    Occupation Breakdown in Taos:
    Management and Professional Occupation related jobs in Taos - 1,652
    Service related jobs in Taos - 1,143
    Sales and Office Related jobs in Taos - 1,149
    Forestry, Farming and Fishing related jobs in Taos - 61
    Construction and Maintenance related jobs in Taos - 526
    Production and Transportation related jobs in Taos - 295

    Taos Houselhold Income Breakdown:
    Household Income-
    Less than $10,000 - 885
    $10,000.00 - $14,999 - 493
    $15,000 - $24,999 - 775
    $25,000 - $34,999 - 572
    $35,000 - $49,999 - 599
    $50,000 - $74,999 - 651
    $75,000 - $99,999 - 200
    $100,000 - $149,999 - 129
    $150,000 - $199,999 - 65
    $200,000 or more - 56
    Average Household Income in Taos - $25,954.00
    Average Household Size in Taos - 2.30

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Taos, NM.
  • Turn It Over Early
    Presbyterian Church
    Paseo Del Pueblo Sur
    Taos, New Mexico 87571

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 8:00 AM
  • Al-Anon Family Support Group Meetings in Taos, New Mexico

  • First Presbyterian Church
    One Day At A Time AFG
    215 Paseo De Pueblo Norte
    Taos, New Mexico

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 5:30 PM

  • St. James Episcopal Church
    Paths to Recovery Al-Anon
    208 Camino De Santiago
    Taos, New Mexico

    Meeting Times
    Tue., 12:00 PM

  • Dream Tree Project Bldg
    Friday AFG
    La Posta Road Behind Albertson's Steps Traditions & Topics
    Taos, New Mexico

    Meeting Times
    Fri., 5:15 PM

  • Null
    How Al-Anon Works Teambuilder's AFG
    La Posta Road Behind Albertson's Steps Traditions & Topics
    Taos, New Mexico

    Meeting Times
    Sat., 8:30 AM

  • Dream Tree Project Bldg
    A-Anon Sunday Morning Meeting
    La Posta Road Behind Albertson's
    Taos, New Mexico

    Meeting Times
    Sun., 10:00 AM

  • Null
    Taos Alateen
    Taos, New Mexico

    Meeting Times
    Sun., 10:00 AM
  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Taos, NM.
  • Community Wellness Center
    203 Kit Carson Road
    Taos, New Mexico 87571
    Notes: Just for Today Group DiscussionParticipation Open

    Meeting Times
    Fri., 7:00 PM
    Mon., 7:00 PM
  • Taos Colfax Community Service Building
    412 Sipapu Street
    Taos, New Mexico 87571
    Notes: Next Level Recovery Group Format Varies Closed

    Meeting Times
    Sun., 9:00 AM
    Wed., 7:00 PM